About Us

What is Right Choice all about?

What distinguishes Right Choice Realty of NC from the rest of the pack?

Right Choice is all
about Right Choices

Making them and living them...
to be the Right Choice

The Right Choice for helping others
make the Right Real Estate Choices.

The Right Solutions

- Simplicity -

methods & solutions that are

  • Direct & Effective
  • Economical & Environmentally Responsible
  • Selected to provide the greatest 'Return on Investment" in all ways... not just financially.
  • Leading edge technology used to INCREASE the amount and quality of one-on-one personal contact with our clients, as well as save time & money and make us more effective in our work. How we use technology to be MORE personal Vs. more impersonal.

- Commitment -

to the Right Way. Some may think of this as "a passion for" or love of what we do, or "heart" or faith in why we do our work.

Our commitment comes from an understanding that...

  • How we do our work has a greater meaning & purpose than what we do.
  • How we do our work creates the quality of life we live and affects the quality of life for others... for our clients and for our families.

The Right People

- Intention -

we work with the intention to be the Right People.

We understand that Right Choice is a framework for more than just making money. Our work at Right Choice provides the opportunity for

  • expressing who we are, how we live and what we value - our own personal "Right Choices".
    learning and growing (personally and professionally)
  • meeting & getting to know, helping, mentoring & learning from others
  • through meaningful work and relationships

Because your Real Estate business is too important to not make the Right Choices!And life is too short to not do business with the Right People!

We consider the Right Choices to be those that

  • benefit all concerned
  • create "true" win/win solutions

which we believe... is the only Right Way to do business!

Doing Business the Right Way

  • given & expected between all others, in all situations.
  • in work, relationships, responsibilities and rewards. Each pulling their own weight and helping one another.
  • for the opportunity to be of service.
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